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[Music Video] Aroc – To Whom It May Concern

Rocky Mount, NC – Aroc debuts youtube music video for romance love story ‘To Whom It May Concern’ official music video off his latest album ‘Trials and Tribulations. Ohio based Producer Lmg , along side Nc’s own Super Producer J Manifest of Legion Of Muzik assist Aroc’s vibe with a slow melodic tune that everyone can relate …

Jacquard Everybody Workin’ Sweater Hot Urban Streetwear

EBW Jacquard Signature Designer Letterman Streetwear Apparel Sweater

Fashion Designer Aroc releases EBW Jacquard Letterman Sweater from his Everybody Workin’ Winter Streetwear Fashion Brand 2020.

Aroc Makes a Statement with High End Fashion Tracksuit

Everybody Workin High End Style Fashion Embroidered Tracksuit

North Carolina’s own High End Fashion Designer Aroc preparing to release his Everybody Workin Winter Collection 2020.

Everybody Workin’ Tracksuit

Everybody Workin Luxury Lifestyle Brand Tracksuit . Representing the working class individuals. This is a premier clothing line taking the world by storm #Everybodyworkin #IfYouDontWorkYouDontEat

Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, isn’t on NC Rapper AROC’s Mind

Aroc Prefers Direct sales over spotify. Online store , Everybody Workin Luxury brand , Tracksuit Model, Aroc

Technology along with the internet has done some amazing, and also bad things along the way within the music industry. Since the sudden boom of music streaming sites such as Spotify,Tidal,Apple Music,deezer etc, technology has changed the scope of how music is consumed or looked upon. Nevertheless it has made music more accessible and of …


Seal of Approval Tank Tops

Whether your playing basketball in the park, walking on the beach, or workin’ it out at the gym, well then this new Seal of Approval tank top is the go to for Spring and Summer. Available in a red,white, and black. Sleeveless 100% cotton tank top customized EBW stamp personalized to match your swag. Everybody …